Utah A People’s History

History belongs to the people, Dean May reminds us, and must ultimately be accessible all. Based on his award-winning television series, Utah: A People's History provides a sweeping view of the state's past. From prehistory to present, May explains Utah as it is today and its promise for the future. The video series upon which this book is based is no longer available for sale.

Dean L. May is a professor of history at the University of Utah. He has published extensively on the social history of the American West, most recently Family, Land, and Society in the American West, 1850–1900.

Table of Contents:

1. Man and Desert
2. An Opening to Europe
3. White Settlement
4. A New Land
5. Troubled Zion
6. The Americanization of Utah
7. The New Pioneers
8. Progressive Reform in the Beehive State
9. War, Depression, and War
10. Utah Today and Tomorrow

Praise and Reviews:
“An excellent introductory, popular history for the adult reader. Any high school, public, and academic library should have this book.”—Idaho Librarian

“The book carries a certain light touch, picturesque language, and a charm revealing the scholarship, the personality, and the feelings of the author.”—Utah Historical Quarterly

“A more than adequate, popular treatment of Utah’s history.”—Dialogue

“This highly readable and unencumbered account is sure to be called by many the best history of the Territory and State yet written. Balanced, profusely illustrated, and ideal for both the student and the non-specialist.”—Books of the Southwest