The Tanner Lectures Vol 25

The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, founded July 1, 1978, at Clare Hall, Cambridge University, was established by the American scholar, industrialist, and philanthropist Obert Clark Tanner. Lectureships are awarded to outstanding scholars or leaders in broadly defined fields of human values, and transcend ethnic, national, religious, or ideological distinctions. Volume 25 features lectures given by Frans B.M. de Waal, Richard Dawkins, Christine M. Korsgaard, Seyla Benhabib, and Harry Frankfurt.

Grethe B. Peterson is director of the Tanner Lectures on Human Values. She lives in Park City, Utah.

Table of Contents:

Reclaiming Universalism: Negotiating Republican Self-Determination and Cosmopolitan Norms: Seyla Benhabib
The Science of Religion, The Religion of Science: Richard Dawkins
Morality and the Social Instincts: Continuity with the Other Primates: Frans B. M. deWaal
Taking Ourselves Seriously: Getting It Right: Harry Frankfurt
Fellow Creatures: Kantian Ethics and Our Duties to Animals: Christine M. Korsgaard
Ethical Dimensions of Globalization: Joseph Stiglitz