The Tanner Lectures on Human Values

Volume 35

The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, founded July 1, 1978, at Clare Hall, Cambridge University, was established by the American scholar, industrialist, and philanthropist Obert Clark Tanner. Lectureships are awarded to outstanding scholars or leaders in broadly defined fields of human values and transcend ethnic, national, religious, or ideological distinctions. Volume 35 features lectures given during the academic year 2014 to 2015 at the University of Oxford; University of California, Berkeley; the University of Michigan; Princeton University; Stanford University; the University of Utah; and Yale University.

Table of Contents:
Danielle Allen, Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics and Professor of Government, Harvard University
“Education and Equality”
Elizabeth Anderson, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and John Dewey Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor  
“Liberty, Equality, and Private Government”
Margaret Atwood, award-winning poet and novelist
“Human Values in an Age of Change”
Dipesh Chakrabarty, Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor of History, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, The University of Chicago
“The Human Condition in the Anthropocene”
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
“A Conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court”
Philip Pettit, L.S. Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and Human Values at Princeton University
“The Birth of Ethics”
Eric L. Santner, Philip and Ida Romberg Distinguished Service Professor in Modern Germanic Studies at the University of Chicago
“The Weight of All Flesh: On the Subject-Matter of Political Economy”
Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values
“From Moral Neutrality to Effective Altruism: The Changing Scope and Significance of Moral Philosophy”