The Emergence of a New Turkey

Islam, Democracy, and the AK Parti

Utah Series in Middle East Studies

The start of accession talks between Turkey and the European Union presents an important challenge for Europe and the Muslim world. Although Turkey has often been cited as a model for the accommodation of Islam and secularism, Islam is still a profound factor in Turkish politics.

This book explores the conditions under which an Islamic movement or party ceases to be Islamic. The Emergence of a New Turkey explains the social, economic, and historical origins of the ruling Justice and Development Party, which evolved from Turkey's half-century-old Islamic National Outlook movement. It focuses on the interplay between internal and external forces in the transformation of political Islam into a conservative democratic party. The book also discusses the effect of neoliberal economic policies in Turkey, offering keen insight into one of the most successful transformations of an Islamic movement in the Muslim world.

In addition to satisfying Turkish studies specialists, this lucidly written book is also suited for use in courses on comparative politics, social movements, and Middle East history and politics.

M. Hakan Yavuz is associate professor of political science at the University of Utah.

Table of Contents:

Acronyms and Abbreviations
Introduction: The Role of the New Bourgeoisie in the Transformation of the Turkish Islamic Movement - M. Hakan Yavuz
1. Turkish Religious Market(s): A View Based on the Religious Economy Theory - Massimo Introvigne
2. The Meaning of Conservative Democratic Political Identity - Yalçin Akdogan
3. Christian Democracy and the JDP: Parallels and Contrasts - William Hale
4. The Justice and Development Party: Indentity, Politics, and Human Rights Discourse in the Search for Security and Legitimacy - Ihsan D. Dagi
5. A Pro-Islamic Party? Promises and Limits of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party - Sultan Tepe
6. Reinterpretation of Secularism in Turkey: The Case of the Justice and Development Party - Ahmet T. Kuru
7. The New Generation Pro-Islamists in Turkey: Bases of the Justice and Development Party in Changing Electoral Space - Ali Çarkoglu
8. Symbols and Shadow Play: Military-JDP Relations, 2002-2004 - Gareth Jenkins
9. The Political Economy of Turkey's Justice and Development Party - Ziya Önis
10. Labor Pains or Achilles’ Heel: The Justice and Development Party and Labor in Turkey - Engin Yildirim
11. Gender Politics of the JDP - Edibe Sözen
12. JDP and Foreign Policy as an Agent of Transformation - Burhanettin Duran
13. Turkey and the Iraqi Crisis: JDP Between Identity and Interest - Saban Kardas
Appendix 1. Conservative Democracy and the Globalization of Freedom - Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Appendix 2. The Need for Reform in the Islamic World and the Role of Civil Society - Abdullah Gül

Praise and Reviews:

"A timely and needed study of one of the most interesting and significant developmentsin the politiacal history of Turkey....This is an important study for all scholars and persons interested in Turkish politics and the evolution of democracy in Muslim countries. Highly Recommended."—CHOICE

"A must-read for students of Turkish politics; The Emergence of a New Turkey is the key text needed to reach an understanding of the historical, political, and socio-economic dynamics that brought about the AKP's rise to power in Turkey. Given its many strengths and scope, the book is well-suited for courses on the Middle East and political Islam."—Insight Turkey