Tending The Talking Wire

A Buck Soldier's View of Indian Country, 1863-1866

Hervey Johnson's letters offer a fascinating first-person account of the critical Indian War years on the high plains of eastern Wyoming during which a confederation of Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho Indians successfully  defended their Powder River buffalo range.


Dr. Unrau teaches at Wichita State University and is author of several works on Indian-white relations.  Dr Unrau also serves as historical and legal consultant to several Indian tribes in Oklahoma, including the Kaws, Tonkawas, Poncas, and Pawnees.

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En Route to Indian Country July 18, 1863 — September 20, 1863

Fort Laramie October 12, 1863 — March 8, 1864

Deer Creek Station March 25, 1864 — October 23, 1864

Sweetwater Station & Platte Bridge November 6, 1864 — September 1, 1865

Fort Laramie September 14, 1865 — June 14, 1866

En Route to Highland County, Ohio June 23,1866


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