Splendid Heritage

Perspectives on American Indian Arts

The Splendid Heritage catalog of American Indian artifacts represents the commitment of American collectors to share the beauty and significance of hundreds of ethnographic treasures with a worldwide audience. Originally exhibited as the Akicita Collection at the Southwest Museum and as Splendid Heritage at the Wheelwright and Eiteljorg Museums, the expanded collection of artifacts was on display at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts from February 10, 2009 to January 3, 2010.

This catalog became a reality through the thoughtful, collaborative efforts of John and Marva Warnock and several collectors of rare and unusual artifacts, the majority of which were produced by Plains and Eastern Woodlands cultures. Their passionate respect and attention to detail is reflected in descriptions and provenance for every artifact, presented in magnificent full-page color images and accompanied by essays from internationally recognized scholars and curators. The contributors celebrate the artifacts not merely for their singular qualities as fine art, but also for their significance in the religious and political lives of their original owners.

John Edward Warnock is co-founder and co-chairman of the Board of Directors of Adobe Systems, Inc.
Marva Warnock serves on the board of the National Leadership Council of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the Springville Art Museum.
Clinton Nagy is curator of the online museum www.splendidheritage.com.

Praise and Reviews:
"Outstanding examples of any art tradition will always find their collectors, but a truly great collection derives much of its importance from its ability to illustrate successive stages in the history of an art tradition. John and Marva Warnock not only acquired such a great collection, but in exhibition and internet wizardry they invite us to share in a fascinating experience." —Dr. T. J. Brasser

"A smashing display of a richly annotated and exquisitely illustrated sampling of early North American Plains and Woodland Indian art. It is indeed a beautiful book celebrating Amerindian craftsmanship of exceptional aesthetic quality.” —Harold C. Conklin, Yale University

"This beautifully illustrated, large-format publication features high-quality, full-color plates and figures, many of which are augmented with significant curatorial notes. This is a highly professional and scholarly catalogue."—CHOICE