University of Utah Anthropological Papers

Begun by the late Jesse Jennings, the University of Utah Anthropological Papers are a comprehensive series of over one hundred scholarly papers focusing on site reports, primarily in the Great Basin and adjacent areas, informed by a strong theoretical component. For years many of these volumes have been out of print, with only selected early volumes reprinted in recent years.

Now, for the first time in decades, Volumes 1–122 are available once again from the University of Utah Press, printed on demand on the Espresso Book Machine at the Marriott Library, University of Utah. You can order these volumes by clicking here.

Books are reproduced from scans of the original volumes, quality varies. Returns will not be accepted on these volumes. For international orders, please contact the University of Utah Press at (801) 585-0082.

Volumes 124-129 remain available in their original print versions.

UUAP 1–9: Archaeology and Ethnology Papers Numbers 1-9 (Various authors)

UUAP 10: The Archaeology of Deadman Cave, Utah (Smith)

UUAP 11: Proceedings of the 6th Plains Archeological Conference 1948 (Jennings)

UUAP 12: An Archeological Survey of Western Utah (Rudy)

UUAP 13: In the Beginning: A Navaho Creation Myth (Fishler)

UUAP 14: Archeological Survey of the La Sal Mountain Area, Utah (Hunt)

UUAP 15: A Study in Culture Contact and Culture Change: Whiterock Utes in Transition (Lang)

UUAP 16: The Garrison Site (Taylor)

UUAP 17: Notes on the Utah Utes by Edward Palmer, 1866–77 (Heizer)

UUAP 18: Pine Park Shelter, Washington County, Utah (Rudy)

UUAP 19: Human Skeletal Material from Deadman Cave, Utah (Buettner-Janusch)

UUAP 20: Archeological Excavations in Beef Basin, Utah (Rudy)

UUAP 21: Archeological Investigations in Nine Mile Canyon, Utah (Gillin)

UUAP 22: Archeology of Zion Park (Schroeder)

UUAP 23: Ute Rorschach Performance and Some Notes on Field Problems and Methods (Hauck)

UUAP 24: Early Man in the Columbia Intermontane Province (Daugherty)

UUAP 25: Archeological Excavations in Iron County, Utah (Meighan)

UUAP 26: Papers of the Third Great Basin Archeological Conference (Cole)

UUAP 27: Danger Cave (Jennings)

UUAP 28: An Archeological Survey of the Fremont Area (Gunnerson)

UUAP 29: Two Fremont Sites and their Position in Southwestern Prehistory (Taylor)

UUAP 30: Glen Canyon Survey in 1957 (Lister)

UUAP 31: Preliminary Report on Biological Resources of the Glen Canyon Reservoir (Woodbury)

UUAP 32: Mormon Towns in the Region of the Colorado (Creer)

UUAP 33: The Activities of Jacob Hamblin in the Region of the Colorado (Creer)

UUAP 34: Archaeological Notes on Stansbury Island (Jameson)

UUAP 35: Excavations in Mancos Canyon, Colorado (Reed)

UUAP 36: Survey of Vegetation in the Glen Canyon Reservoir Basin (Woodbury)

UUAP 37: An Outline of the History of the Flaming Gorge Area (Purdy)

UUAP 38: The Havasupai Woman (Smithson)

UUAP 39.1: Glen Canyon Archaeological Survey – Part I (Fowler)

UUAP 39.2: Glen Canyon Archaeological Survey – Part II (Fowler)

UUAP 39.3: Glen Canyon Archaeological Survey – Part III (Fowler)

UUAP 40: Ecological Studies of Flora and Fauna in Glen Canyon (Woodbury)

UUAP 41.1: The Coombs Site: Part I (Lister)

UUAP 41.2: The Coombs Site: Part II (Lister)

UUAP 41.3: The Coombs Site: Part III, Summary and Conclusions (Lister)

UUAP 42: Outline History of the Glen Canyon Region (Crampton)

UUAP 43: 1957 Excavations, Glen Canyon Area (Gunnerson)

UUAP 44: 1958 Excavations, Glen Canyon (Lipe)

UUAP 45: A Survey of Vegetation in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir Basin (Woodbury)

UUAP 46: Historical Sites in Glen Canyon, Mouth of San Juan River to Lee’s Ferry (Crampton)

UUAP 47: Archaeology of the Death Valley Salt Pan, California (Hunt)

UUAP 48: Ecological Studies of the Flora and Fauna of Flaming Gorge Reservoir Basin, Utah and Wyoming (Flowers)

UUAP 49: 1959 Excavations, Glen Canyon Area (Lipe)

UUAP 50: The Archaeological Excavations at Willow Beach, Arizona, 1950 (Schroeder)

UUAP 51: Survey of Vegetation in the Navajo Reservoir Basin (Woodbury)

UUAP 52: 1960 Excavations, Glen Canyon Area (Sharrock)

UUAP 53: Prehistoric Settlement and Physical Environment in the Mesa Verde Area (Herold)

UUAP 54: The Hoskaninni Papers: Mining in Glen Canyon, 1897–1902 (Stanton)

UUAP 55: Ecological Studies of the Flora and Fauna of Navajo Reservoir Basin, Colorado and New Mexico (Woodbury)

UUAP 56: A Survey of Vegetation in the Curecanti Reservoir Basins (Woodbury)

UUAP 57: Carnegie Museum Collection from Southeast Utah (Sharrock)

UUAP 58: A Preliminary Survey of the Fontenelle Reservoir, Wyoming (Dibble)

UUAP 59: Ecological Studies of the Flora and Fauna of the Curecanti Reservoir, Western Colorado (Woodbury)

UUAP 60: Miscellaneous Collected Papers (Gunnerson)

UUAP 61: Historical Sites in Glen Canyon: Hansen Creek to San Juan River (Crampton)

UUAP 62: Civilizations in Desert Lands (Woodbury)

UUAP 63: 1961 Excavations, Glen Canyon Area (Sharrock)

UUAP 64: 1961 Excavations, Harris Wash, Utah (Fowler)

UUAP 65: Archaeological Survey of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir Area, Wyoming–Utah (Day)

UUAP 66: 1961 Excavations, Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah (Fowler)

UUAP 67: The Washo Indians of California and Nevada (d’Azevedo)

UUAP 68: Havasupai Region and Mythology (Smithson)

UUAP 69: Southern Paiute Ethnography (Kelly)

UUAP 70: The San Juan Canyon Historical Sites (Crampton)

UUAP 71: Kaiparowits Plateau and Glen Canyon Prehistory: An Interpretation Based on Ceramics (Lister)

UUAP 72: Historical Sites in Cataract and Narrow Canyons, and in Glen Canyon to California Bar (Crampton)

UUAP 73: 1962 Excavations, Glen Canyon Area (Sharrock)

UUAP 74: Notes on the Human Ecology of Glen Canyon (Woodbury)

UUAP 75: Miscellaneous Collected Papers 8–10 (Davis)

UUAP 76: Excavations in Southwest Utah (Aikens)

UUAP 77: Prehistoric Occupation Patterns in SW WY and Cultural Relationships with the Great Basin (Sharrock)

UUAP 78: Southern Paiute Ethnohistory (Euler)

UUAP 79: Virgin-Kayenta Cultural Relationships (Aikens)

UUAP 80: Corn, Cucurbits, and Cotton from Glen Canyon (Cutler)

UUAP 81: Glen Canyon: A Summary (Jennings)

UUAP 82: Fremont-Promontory-Plains Relationships (Aikens)

UUAP 83: Miscellaneous Collected Papers, 11–14 (Day)

UUAP 83.5: Excavations at Gunlock Flats, Southwestern Utah (Day)

UUAP 84: Caldwell Village (Ambler)

UUAP 85: Dentition of Meroitic, X-Group, and Christian Populations from Wadi Halfa, Sudan (Greene)

UUAP 86: Ceramic Studies of the Historic Periods in Ancient Nubia (Lister)

UUAP 87: Excavations at Snake Rock Village and the Bear River No. 2 Site (Aikens)

UUAP 88: Excavations at Nephi, Utah, 1965–1966 (Sharrock)

UUAP 89: Miscellaneous Collected Papers, 15–18 (Shields)

UUAP 90: University of Colorado Investigations of Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic Sites in the Sudan, Africa (Irwin)

UUAP 91: Pharo Village (Marwitt)

UUAP 92: Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Libyan Desert (Hester)

UUAP 93: Hogup Cave (Aikens)

UUAP 94: Newe Natekwinappeh: Shoshoni Stories and Dictionary (Miller)

UUAP 95: Median Village and Fremont Culture Regional Variation (Marwitt)

UUAP 96: Swallow Shelter and Associated Sites (Dalley)

UUAP 97: Analysis of Prehistoric Coprolites from Utah (Fry)

UUAP 98: Prehistory of Utah and the Eastern Great Basin (Jennings)

UUAP 99: Miscellaneous Collected Papers, 19–24 (Aikens)

UUAP 100: The Levee Site and the Knoll Site (Fry)

UUAP 101: Cochimi and Proto-Yuman: Lexical and Syntactic Evidence for a New Language Family in Lower California (Mixco)

UUAP 102: Selected Bibliography of Utah Archaeology (Schroedl)

UUAP 103: Sudden Shelter (Jennings)

UUAP 104: Cowboy Cave (Jennings)

UUAP 105: Bull Creek (Jennings)

UUAP 106: Final Year Excavations at the Evans Mound Site (Dodd)

UUAP 107: Kiliwa Texts: “When I have donned my crest of stars” (Mixco)

UUAP 108: Peyotism in the West (Stewart)

UUAP 109: Kiliwa Dictionary (Mixco)

UUAP 110: Anthropology of the Desert West: Essays in Honor of Jesse D. Jennings (Condie)

UUAP 111: Pottery of the Great Basin and Adjacent Areas (Griset)

UUAP 112: Prehistory and Paleoecology of Guadalupe Ruin, New Mexico (Pippin)

UUAP 113: Climate and the Dolores River Anasazi: A Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction from a 10,000-year Pollen Record (Petersen)

UUAP 114: Willard Z. Park’s Notes on the Northern Paiute of Western Nevada, 1933 (Park)

UUAP 115: The Archaeology of James Creek Shelter (Elston)

UUAP 116: The Ute of Utah Lake (Janetski)

UUAP 117: The Main Ridge Community at Lost City: Virgin Anasazi Architecture, Ceramics, and Burials (Lyneis)

UUAP 118: Turquoise Ridge and Late Prehistoric Residential Mobility in the Desert Mogollon Region (Whalen)

UUAP 119: Glen Canyon Revisited (Geib)

UUAP 121: Newberry Crater (Connolly)

UUAP 122: Intermountain Archaeology (Madsen)