New Dimensions In Rock Art Studies OP #9

Collected papers on the rock art of Utah by foremost rock-art scholars. The topics include an exhaustive treatment of Barrier Canyon rock art, Fremont rock art in Nine Mile Canyon, historic graffiti, and a detailed discussion of celestial themes in Navajo rock art.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
by Joel C. Janetski

2. Origins, Continuities, and Meaning of Barrier Canyon Style Rock Art
by Sally J. Cole

3. Ethnographic Analogies in Southwestern Rock Art
by M. Jane Young

4. Shields and Shield Warrior Pictograph and Petroglyphs in the Intermountain West
by Lawrence Loendorf

5. Categories and Conundrums: The Rock Art of Lower Nine Mile Canyon
by Jerry D. Spangler

6. Hunting Strategies and Winter Economy of the Fremont as Revealed in the Rock Art of Nine Mile Canyon
by Ray T. Matheny, Deanne G. Matheny, Pamela W. Miller, and Blaine Miller

7. Father Sky on Mother Earth: Navajo Celestial Symbolism in Rock Art
by Von Del Chamberlain

8. Historic Traveler Graffiti in the Nine Mile Area
by Edward A. Geary