Linguistics Of Maya Writing

Soren Wichmann is associate research professor of linguistics at the University of Copenhagen.

Soren Wichmann is associate research professor of linguistics at the University of Copenhagen.

Table of Contents:
Introductory Chapter
1. The Linguistic Epigraphy of Mayan Writing: Recent Advances and Questions for Future Research ~ Søren Wichmann

Part 1. The Language Situation
2. Chontal Linguistic Influence in Ancient Maya Writing: Intransitive Positional Verbal Affixation ~ Zachary X. Hruby and Mark B. Child
3. The Languages of the Dresden Codex: Legacy of the Classic Maya ~ Robert F. Wald

Part II. Phonology
4. The Orthographic Distinction between Velar and Glottal Spirants in Maya Hieroglyphic Writing ~ Nikolai Grube
5. Disharmony in Maya Hieroglyphic Writing: Linguistic Change and Continuity in Classic Society ~ Stephen Houston, David Stuart, and John Robertson
6. On the Representation of the Glottal Stop in Maya Writing ~ Alfonso Lacadena and Søren Wichmann

Part III. Grammar
7. Passive Voice in Classic Mayan Texts: CV[h]C-ah and –n-ah Constructions ~ Alfonso Lacadena
8. On the Morphology of Intimate Possession in Mayan Languages and Classic Mayan Glyphic Nouns ~ Marc Zender
9. Telling Time in Classic-Ch’olan and Acalan-Chontal Narrative ~ Robert F. Wald
10. Tense and Aspect in Mayan Hieroglyphic Script ~ John Robertson, Stephen Houston, and David Stuart
11. A World in a Grain of Sand: 'Secondary Verbs' in the Classic Maya Script ~ Barbara MacLeod
12. The Grammar of the Half-Period Glyph ~ Søren Wichmann
13. The Preferred Argument Structure of Classic Lowland Mayan Texts ~ David F. Mora-Marín

Part IV. Language Materials
14. Ch’olti’: An Analysis of the Arte de la lengua Cholti by Fray Francisco Morán ~ Mareike Sattler

General Index
Index of Grammatical Morphemes in the Inscriptions ~ Søren Wichmann

Praise and Reviews:
"This important and ambitious collection of papers brings together a representative sample of positions and opinions in a currently contentious field."—Anthropological Linguistics

"This volume is essential for anyone wanting to understand recent advances and current controversies in Maya epigraphy."—International Journal of American Linguistics