Itzaj Maya Grammar

The Itzaj Maya language is a member of the Yukatekan Maya language family spoken in the lowlands of Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize, a family that includes Maya, Mopan, and Lakantum. Many classic Maya hieroglyphic texts were written in an earlier form of these languages, as were many important colonial documents. In addition to being a valuable record of ancient language, Andrew Hofling’s Itzaj Maya Grammar contributes greatly to the study of these older documents.

This exemplary grammar completes a basic documentation that began with Itzaj Maya Texts and Itzaj Maya-Spanish-English Dictionary. It’s coverage of the linguistic structures of Itzaj includes the phonological, morphophonological, and syntactic structures. Each morphological and grammatical construction is carefully explained, with additional examples of each construction included.

Itzaj Maya Grammar is a landmark contribution to the study of discourse in Maya language. When used with Hofling’s previous texts, it provides a thoroughly dynamic documentation of the language, useful to all interested in the study of Yukatejan languages or linguistics.

Charles A. Hofling is professor of anthropology at Southern Illinois University

Praise and Reviews:

"With this volume, Andy Hofling has achieved the Boasian goal for language documentation that is so seldom met these days: a dictionary, a text collection, and now a grammar....In both range of material covered and depth of coverage, it is by far the most complete grammar of any Mayan language and rivals any indigenous language grammar."—Jill Brody, Louisiana State University