Dominguez Escalante Journal

Their Expedition Through Colorado Utah Az & N Mex 1776

Translated by Fray Angelico Chavez, Edited by Ted J. Warner

Western History

The chronicle of Fray Francisco Atanasio Domínguez and Fray Silvestre Vélez de Escalante’s most remarkable 1776 expedition through the Rocky Mountains, the eastern Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau to inventory new lands for the Spanish crown and to find a route from Santa Fe to Monterey, California.

Escalante’s journal wonderfully describes every detail of the rugged and scenic country through which they journeyed, along the qualities and customs of its inhabitants. Working as far north as present-day Provo, Utah, the expedition finally returned south. An approaching severe winter and mishaps among the maze of the Grand Canyon forced the party to return to Santa Fe by way of the Hopi pueblos.

This journal provides a fascinating account of over a thousand miles of wilderness exploration.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents:


Translator's Note
Santa Fe to Río De San Lázaro
Río De San Lázaro to San Ramon
San Ramon to Las Llagas
Las Llagas to San Andrés
San Andrés to San Eleuterio
San Eleuterio to Santa Bárbara
Santa Bárbara to Oraibi
Oraibi to Santa Fe
Map of Domínguez-Escalante Expedition by Don Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco, 1778

Praise and Reviews:
“A new generation of trail buffs will be happy to find this basic source back in print in a format that will fit easily in a pack. Definitive.”—New Mexico Historical Review

“This current edition of the journal will please both scholars and general readers. Whether packing a tent or a book, readers will find their trip through The Domínguez-Escalante Journal an engaging enterprise.”—Weber Studies

“Other versions of the journals have been published, but the analysis of the present version distinguishes it from the rest.”—Colonial Latin American Historical Review