Canyonlands Country

Geology of Canyonlands and Arches National Parks

An easy-to-read geological history of the amazing red rock landscapes in southeastern Utah.

Towering red buttes, plunging canyon walls, domes, pinnacles, spires, ten thousand strangely carved forms—what visitor hasn’t marveled at the land of rock in southeastern Utah that is Canyonlands Country?

Canyonlands Country offers a unique geological history of this awesome landscape, in language understandable by the non-geologist. The story is as strange and fascinating as the land itself. Each exposed rock layer has a different geologic history: one is a stream deposit, another is an ancient field of dunes, another was deposited by shallow tropic seas. The Green and Colorado Rivers began carving canyons thirty million years ago, but to understand such relatively recent events Canyonlands Country takes us on a journey of two billion years.

Tours include Arches National Park, Island in the Sky, Needles District, The Maze and Elaterite Basin, Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons, Meander Canyon, and Cataract Canyon.

Donald L. Baars has spent thirty-five years in geological research on the Colorado Plateau. He is now a geologist with the Kansas Geological Survey.

Table of Contents:
List of Maps

Part One: Geologic History
1. Canyonlands Country
2. The Colorado Plateau Province
3. It's About Time
4. In the Beginning
5. The Early Years
6. It Hits the Fan
7. Red Beds Inherit the Earth
8. Mesozoic Times
9. Orogenous Zones
10. Canyon Cutting

Part Two: Geological Tours
11. Arches National Park
12. Island in the Sky
13. The Needles District
14. The Maze and Elaterite Basin
15. The Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyon
16. Meander Canyon
17. Cataract Canyon

Suggested Reading
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Praise and Reviews:
“Baars knows and appreciates all aspects of the environment. Any geologist travelling in the area will find this book very useful; interested and reasonably educated non-geologists will be able to understand and enjoy the book.”—Journal of Geoscience Education