Canyoneering 2

Technical Loop Hikes in Southern Utah

Canyoneering 2: Technical Loop Hikes is a guide to seven, week-long backpack trips into some for the most unspoiled and least-visited areas in the Utah section of the Colorado Plateau. Every hike contains the four essentials of a great canyoneering route: spectacular canyons, intimate narrows, big views, and physical challenge. Although the routes are difficult, newcomers to the canyons will also find detailed information here that can be used to plan less demanding excursions. Hikes include Muddy Creek in the San Rafael Swell, Dirty Devil North, Dirty Devil South, Dark Canyon, White Canyon, Escalante East, and Escalante South. For experienced canyoneers.

Steve Allen has explored the canyons of southern Utah for over twenty-five years. He has guided many trips for the Sierra Club and is an instructor for the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents:

General Location Map
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1. Muddy Creek in the San Rafael Swell
2. The Dirty Devil North
3. The Dirty Devil South
Mountain Lions
4. Dark Canyon
The Young Turks
5. White Canyon
6. The Escalante East
Wendy and Diz
7. The Escalante South

Praise and Reviews:
“Few convey a detailed wilderness ethic and no other books focus on technical slot canyons like Canyoneering 2. Hopefully, outdoor enthusiasts will heed Allen’s environmental philosophy…and follow it.”—Wilderness & Environmental Medicine

“An excellent guidebook with lots of detail. You’ll need to have it handy to make the proper choice along each route.”—Books of the Southwest