Brigham Young

KUED brings audiences the most comprehensive film biography ever of Brigham Young.The second prophet and president of the

Mormon Church, Young is one of the most powerful, compelling, and unique figures of the West—the last American to simultaneously wield the authority of spiritual leader, colonizer, political power broker, and economic planner. He was reviled in the national press as a bloodthirsty traitor to his country, yet he was revered by his people as a man of gentle kindness who loved to laugh. He directed the creation of 300 communities in the West, but the world spent more time discussing the precise number of his wives. His vision defined the Mountain West, his conflicts shaped the role of American government, and his influence is felt to this day.

Produeced, directed, and written by Ken Verdoia

Coproduced by Nancy Green

Direcotr of Photography: Patrick Brennan

Traditional Music arranged and performed by Dan Waldis