Battle For The Wilderness

Michael Frome’s Battle for the Wilderness is one of the important works of the American conservation movement. Centered on the struggle to pass the 1964 Wilderness Act, the first in a series of preservationist conventions that include the Endangered Species Act and the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, this book offers a well-written, workable definition of wilderness and presents conservation as a vital thread in American history. Part I discusses what the author calls "Wilderness Values," and tells how our primitive lands have inspired many of the foremost American artists and authors, including George Catlin, Frederick Law Olmstead, Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Aldo Leopold, among others. Part II, Saving the Wilderness, goes on to trace conservation philosophy from its emergence to its culmination in the historic Wilderness Act, and discusses the struggles that took place following passage of the Act. In a completely new preface, Frome ruminates on the relative treatment of the wilderness system under successive administrations, and on recent approaches to the preservation of wild lands. A new appendix lists all wilderness areas now designated in the fifty states.

Michael Frome’s previous publications include Strangers in High Places, The Varmints, Rand McNally National Park Guide, and Whose Woods These Are.

Table of Contents:

Preface: Wilderness is Here to Stay, 1997
Prologue: A Navigational Perspective

PART I. Wilderness Values
1. What is Wilderness?
2. An American Happening
3. The Cultural Heritage in Wilderness
4. A Scientific Resource
5. A Place for Wild Animals, Wild Plants
6. Recreation For Everyone...
7. ...But Not Everyone at Once

PART II. Saving the Wilderness
8. Saving Wilderness by Law—The Ancient Creed
9. Saving Wilderness by Law—The Ultimate Showdown
10. Hearing the People's Case
11. Any Wilderness in the East?
12. Beyond the Wilderness Act

Epilogue: Where the Battle Begins

Appendix A. Text of the Wilderness Act
Appendix B. Landmarks in Wilderness Preservation
Appendix C. National Wilderness Preservation System

Reading List

Praise and Reviews:
“One of the important works of the American conservation movement. A well-written, workable definite of wilderness and presents conservation as a vital thread in American history. One of the best and most effective works in a conservationist library.”—The Midwest Book Review

“A catalyst in jumping from the arena of kinking in wilderness to finally caring for it. The beauty of this book is the rich story that defines the political discourse surrounding the table to intuitionally protect wildlands as wilderness.”The High Uintas Preservation Council

“To read Frome is to challenge your thinking on radical—meaning root—matters.”—Friends of Acadia Journal

“An insightful and new six-part preface updates the evolution of wilderness preservation through 1997. An authoritative historical account as well as an inspirational vehicle for the preservation of wilderness.”—Wilderness Record

“One of the most important literary works of the American environmental movement. Frome provides a thorough history of the wilderness preservation movement.”—CHOICE