An Introduction to the Shoshoni Language

Dammen Daigwape

This book is an primary text for the Shoshoni language that provides basic information on the phonology and grammar of the language. While the book emphasizes the Fort Hall dialect, it also addresses other dialects. Primarily conceived as a college or high school-level textbook, it is also an accessible introduction for anyone interested in the language. Readers will find useful background information about the Shoshoni people, and a history of Fort Hall into the present day. Each chapter contains exercises for the student, and sections on language and culture that discuss such topics as gift giving, presentation of self, eye contact, and other non-verbal behavior.

Table of Contents:
How to Use This Book

1. Shoshoni Orthography and Pronunciation
2. Tsaangu beaichehku
3. Masen newe du hagai' nanihade?
4. Hinna enne hanni'yu?
5. Haga' ne nambe?
6. Himbai'gandei' ennem bungu ba'i?
7. Maitengate hagai' neesungaahka?
8. Beaichehkuse, hinna enne hanni'yu?
9. Hagapunde sikihyunde?

Shoshoni–English Glossary
English–Shoshoni Glossary

Praise and Reviews:
"Gould and Loether provide a very solid dialog-based introduction to the Shoshoni language which, with the accompanying tapes, makes an especially impressive introductory text."—Paul Kroskrity, UCLA